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Sony HXR-MC2000E
Professional AVCHD Shoulder Mount Camcorder
1280.00 € . +PDV
  • The Sony HXR-MC2000E Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder is the go-to   solution when you’re ready to leave tape behind and step up to a   file-based video workflow.
  • Whether shooting 480i standard-definition or 1080i HD video,   this sturdy performer will capture hours of high-quality images onto   either removable media or a spacious 64GB internal hard drive.
  • Composite, component, and HDMI ports give you a choice of video   output, while the included shotgun microphone is accompanied by a   stereo mini jack to attach a second external mic.
  • Sporting a 12x G lens, 0.2" viewfinder, and 2.7" LCD display,   the HXR-MC2000E’s impressive form factor is about more than simply   saying "pro" to your clients.
  • Unlike smaller, handheld units, this camera can rest   comfortably on your shoulder for rock-steady handheld shooting--aided   further by Sony’s Optical SteadyShot with Active mode.
  • Perfect for weddings, sporting events, and corporate or   educational videos, the HXR-MC2000U represents an affordable transition   into solid state, professional imaging.
  • The HXR-MC2000E comes equipped with a sophisticated G Lens that   incorporates Sony’s unique optical design technology and quality   control, delivering exceptional performance on a par with some of the   best lenses in the industry.
  • The HXR-MC2000E itself is optimized to perfectly complement the   G Lens with an advanced image sensor and Sony’s famous image processing   technology.
  • This improves picture performance whether zooming in on the   action, or getting a perspective on the big picture with the 29.8mm wide   angle in Video mode (35mm equivalent)
  • The HXR-MC2000U’s Exmor R CMOS sensor is capable of producing superb image quality even in lowlight conditions.
  • Sony’s unique imaging system incorporates exclusive   back-illuminated technology that doubles sensitivity compared to   conventional CMOS sensors, providing a dramatic boost in lowlight   performance.
  • Autofocus technology is also enhanced to perform better in   lowlight conditions, so the G-lens can quickly achieve sharp focus on a   moving subject.
  • This superb performance in dimly lit indoor scenes and outdoor night scenes is matched by excellent results in bright daylight.
  Product Highlights   
  • Wide-angle G Lens
  • Exmor R™ CMOS Sensor with ClearVid Array
  • Optical SteadyShot with Active Mode
  • Manual Lens Ring with Assignable Parameters
  • Long Operating Time with infoLITHIUM-L Series Battery
  • Ergonomic Handle & Controls
  • Flexible Operation with Consumer Memory Cards
  • AVCHD – Ideal for Memory Recording
  • MPEG-2 for SD (Standard Definition) Recording Format
  • DVDirect & Direct Copy
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